Hi! We're Erica and Aaron of SOAR Therapy, and we are THRILLED to announce our development of StepByStepthe first iPad® application designed specifically to assess and improve problem solving and sequencing skills for users of ALL ages! 
Does your parent or grandparent suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s? Did your spouse have a stroke? Is a friend recovering from a traumatic brain injury? Does your child struggle with a learning disability? Do you work in a rehabilitation facility, hospital, or school? Do you provide informal therapy at home to a loved one? Then StepByStep is for you! StepByStep is a creative, engaging, and impactful app for users of all ages with impaired or developing cognitive skills.

How it Works
It's simple: a user must properly identify individual steps of sequences of various Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), then organize the sequence into the proper order. 

Helping Patients
Rehabilitation accelerates with StepByStep as clients hone their cognitive, communication, and visual skills. StepByStep can be utilized throughout a patient's entire rehabilitation process, and can also be used at home to further reinforce the skills developed in therapy. 

Helping Therapists and Teachers
StepByStep makes it easier (and more fun) to assess and challenge patients or students skills through innovative and efficient technology. Our Historical Records feature provides a valuable and easy method to monitor user’s progress, allowing for an accurate assessment to be formed. 

Helping Children
StepByStep is a fantastic tool designed to help health care professionals, parents and educators assess and teach sequencing. ​

Why Do We Need YOUR Help?
We have used our own finances to get the app developed, and need YOUR donations to help us market and sell the app across the healthcare and education communities!

Thank you so much for donating and helping us achieve our dream!

Erica Seiler, Chief Executive Officer
Aaron Matzkin, Chief Operating Officer




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